You do 2 injections per week, once on Monday, once on Thursday. he asked how I was doing my TRT and I told him I was self medicating. But twice a week is fine is that is what you want to do. Sunday morning at 8am and Wednesday night at 8pm. 100mg/wk is the “standard” starting dosage. You will be on a serious rollercoaster ride of … Yup. Doc doesn't seem to very knowledgeable in trt so I'm switching to an endocrinologist but not takes some time. Going up and going down all the time messes with you a bit. I inject 1 ml testosterone cypionate every two weeks. It's obviously more of a pain and costs more, but... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. - Duration: 14:22. getfitover40 79,348 views. And while many men micromanage their hardest workouts to coincide with the peaks and troughs of their TRT, it's largely an unnecessary battle, especially when you're giving yourself two injections a week. For me, that solution was Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and it's changed my life for the better. Peaks of T are followed by peaks in E2 and as T levels drop in a cesspool of estrogens you feel like shit. Hi, I just got my most recent labs. 200mg a week seems to keep me at the high end of normal now. Some would notice some changes in a week or so, others might not be aware of changes. Don't know if I'd enjoy poking my self every day, but haven't ruled it out in the future. You rub gels into the skin daily. Cyp a week w/ .25mg Arimidex twice a week. Had high hopes. 100mg of cyp per week. They normally go with once a week because the majority of clients don’t want to pin twice a week. Thanks for your concise reply. Why do you wish you never started? The product, which was approved by the FDA in September, is a once-weekly pre-filled, single-use, disposable device designed to avoid the problems associated with other TRT … Patches. This week Total T was only 450 and E2 was 60 Doc is putting me on Arimidex. Just to make point, if shot of 500 mgs was given (we won’t take into account the huge spike in E), T level might be 2000 (once again, this # not important). Doubling your dose to 400mg/week from a doctor? However, with current COVID and no Gym access - I’ve dropped back to the 100 MG twice a week. Although science says twice a week is better so I stick close to that. Twice a week would keep blood levels more stable. I think sometimes environmental issues may drop your T and you may need to increase a few weeks and then drop back again. The whole objective is to get steadier levels and avoiding peaks. I just got my Dr. to up my dose of trt to 400mg a week of test cyp and had him add 200mg a week deca, hcg at 100 units split twice a week and anastrozole. bollard 30 Jul 2011. When using anastrozole to manage E2 levels to get near E2=22pg/ml, which works well for almost all guys, the competitive drug needs to match FT levels. Peaks make E2 problems worse and can make hematocrit worse for those who have such problems. Although injecting twice per week makes the most sense on paper, I'm wondering if anybody here can testify that he actually felt better when injecting once per week (or perhaps once every two weeks)? Does TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy Give You An Advantage in the Gym? I’m 48 & have been on trt for 13 yrs. Is this just trt? Been taking 200 mg shot once a week for about two months. Sounds like you have more than just low t if that is the case. After 50 mg injection, T levels would obviously be lower. I will go back to twice/wk.~ 50 mgs e4d. In 2014 my levels were 16.5 and in 2016 that dramatically reduced to a score of 10.4. Test E pinned twice a week VS once SouthernMade68 • Sat, Mar 15th, '14 21:19 • 23 replies, 7830 views I haven't run across the answer to this question yet in this forum and was hoping some of … Continued. Been on for 4 years now, wish I would of never started TRT. Study #1: A 2013 study published in the Journal of Urology discovered that low-dose HCG injections helped to prevent a reduction in sperm count as a result of testosterone replacement therapy. I started at once a week, then went to twice a week for about 5 months. stop it.) So, would it make sense that peak T on 2xs/wk are lower? My doctor prescribed me Testo gel which I rub on every morning and have done so for the last 6 weeks. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. I started out TRT doing 200mg every 2 weeks. You inject 50mg each time into the subcutaneous fat tissue, rotating between the left and right abdomen. I’ve been on 200mg/week for 4 months and not really noticed anything at all. This involves eight weeks of twice-a-week subcutaneous injections, typically done at home. Trt once a week or twice. And to reduce that effect, one should always do labs 1/2 way between injections to reduce lab timing artifacts. Thanks! if you are running prop, every other day minimum. I realize everyone is different & a lot of variable such as how high E is. I had a testosterone level of 75 before and now am about 500. Been feeling good...some days maybe better than others. Is 2ml once a week sound like too much. Too many highs and lows, so switched to 100mg once per week. I moved to twice a week. In my experience, fluctuating hormone levels lead to more side effects than stable levels and a couple extra days between pins always leads to more sides for me. I’m 48 & have been on trt for 13 yrs. My Dr also approved to double my dose. (Arimidex when overused leads to some dark places…If your taking more than .50mg a week on 200mg of Test. Lets say every 4th day. I never took an anti estrogen before, Is this a safe drug? I know the school of thought is split into two doses (50 mgs, 2xs/week) in order to lessen peaks & valleys. I started out TRT doing 200mg every 2 weeks. So that means 50mg twice a week, for a total of 100mg/wk. I inject 40 mg (.20ml) of Depo T twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Not sure why you have been prescribed with four times the dosage that I take. Answers (1) BO. Giving the shot subcutaneously (in the lower abdomen with an insulin needle) appears to lead to less aromatization (conversion to estrogen), as does giving a shot twice a week instead of once a week (it lowers the testosterone spike you'd get from a single injection, thus automatically leading to less conversion to estrogen). once weekly vs. twice weekly? Not Managing Potential Side Effects. My main reason is to keep my T levels as consistent as possible and to lessen the chances of increase estrogen where I might have to add other medicines to counter. At least that is how it plays out most of the time. The once weekly or gasp once every two weeks is bullshit. To remedy this, many men split their dosage in half and inject twice a week instead of once a week. I feel like you could PCT and get out. I just now got to the point where I don't feel it at all. Dose was too low, so got it upped to 160mg per week and started splitting the injection in half (80mg) twice a week. But patches can cause skin rashes and may have to be applied more than once a day.. Gels. Is once a week or once in two weeks the ideal protocol to use Sustanon 250? ie after 100 mg injection (2-3 days following), Total T at 700 (arbitrary # just to use as example). Dose was too low, so got it upped to 160mg per week and started splitting the injection in half (80mg) twice a week. Too many highs and lows, so switched to 100mg once per week. Blood work came back good and he prescribed me 200mg a week. This is the profile of Cypionate or Enanthate (both very similar) What you really want with TRT is a consistent hormone level. Blood was drawn on a Tuesday shortly before I was due for my next injection. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cypionate is the esters doctors generally recommend for TRT and HRT treatment from doctors. what can I expect? My question is for anyone who takes a similar amount do you feel better splitting it into two doses over a week? CBC and liver function came back normal, T solid at 618, but my E2 was at 50 so my doctor put me on 1mg of Arimidex to be taken once a week. Test Cyp Fortunately my clinic doesn’t believe that a “set” T number is perfect for every person. I'm currently on 100mg once a week injection. Test Cyp 100 mgs/per week. brick2 2017-04-28 12:27:36 UTC #1. Each 100mg shot of Cypionate yields approximately 70 mg of actual testosterone once the ester is … How you feel is the real marker (given that all your other numbers from blood work are normal range) and that your not exhibiting any bad effects. 14:22. Some people even do twice weekly shots because it peaks 2–3 days after the shot then goes down. I was thinking of cutting the pill in half and doing a half twice a week … I told him I was taking 200mg of test a week. Much smoother and more even energy, mood, sex drive, etc. If FT, or Bio-T is not steady, anastrozole dose is not well matched and then E2 is not managed well. Almost all of the potential side effects of TRT therapy are … I blasted twice and really don’t want to do that anymore, for health, and legality. These are easy to apply. Maybe take clomid and HCG after the T clears. Back to the night I returned from China… I put my kids to bed, my wife went to sleep and I went researching again. If you are going to be using it for TRT or HRT, then using it once in a week or once in two weeks doesn’t seem to be ideal, as fluctuating test levels can often worsen the very symptoms that you are trying to alleviate. I realize there is overlap w/ 2 inject per week. What the hell is up with this? Do you have to take an ai with that split? 4…hours worth. Huh? 4 months into trt, working on getting levels dialed in. I know some guys that do EOD or ED with an insulin pin and love that. For most guys, E2 management is mission critical. After celebrating my first anniversary of TRT in August 2015, I feel like I finally have the proper perspective to share with others. I inject 100mg test cyp every 4 days. I've been taking 200 a week for a year and a half. I discussed with my Clinic and they concurred. Towards the last month, I started noting I was a bit more sluggish later in the week. It is desirable because it can be injected once a week as opposed to twice and is a very smooth injection. If you do happen to have success with finding a good ester to inject once a week while keeping peaks and troughs manageable as well as not having e2 shoot up I would be interested to hear about it for sure. You do this for 4-6 weeks, then you get more blood work done. Doing so keeps your blood levels of testosterone fairly stable. Please do not split your case with multiple topics/treads. TRT Once or Twice/Week? What's the blood work look like? Answer this question. Most TRT clinics accept common forms of health insurance, as well as "out of pocket" fees which range between $200-$300 a month in most cases. Damn man I'm sorry to hear that. So I did the one a week for first three months. Do you take an AI ? I haven’t tried once a week personally. Actually very little libido vs before. 26 men (mean age: 35.9 years old) participated in the study. The second way to use HCG is to blast it at higher dosages in shorter intervals, and blast it every so often if you're on TRT. My current protocol is 100mg once a week, but I've heard several suggestions that splitting that into 50mg twice weekly could be even better. A lot of guys will hit a 5,000 iu vial in a 2 week period once every 10-12 weeks during testosterone replacement therapy (1250 iu 2x/week for 2 weeks). After reviewing many posts. Use your other one after we deal with this narrow question. Question: wouldn’t peak T level be lower using 50 mgs vs 100 mgs? When hormone levels change during the week, your lab results are mostly a function of lab timing, making them rather useless. Every 3.5 days to be exact. But improved E2 management probably biggest effect. The ONLY possible way to come up with a post injection spike of any kind (once on TRT for a while) would be shrinkage, or cyp entering general circulation on a larger scale due to leakage from the depot into surrounding tissue. He told me to take one pill (1 mg) 2 times a week. I recently started eod and I like that better. And you're dropping back to 100mg twice a week? Most folks here inject twice a week (or even E3D). I keep myself fit, gym twice a week and martial arts twice a week and found my energy levels were depleting and didn’t seem to recover quickly the next day. How long should it take to feel the new levels w/ less spikes & troughs? I know the school of thought is split into two doses (50 mgs, 2xs/week) in order to lessen peaks & valleys. Ask your doctor about doing injections once or twice per week. 19 were given testosterone injections once per week 100 mgs/per week. Any personal experience would be great. Fell worse now than I did before I started. So 100 MG twice a week. hCG prevents your body from shutting down its own testosterone production while you're on TRT. When some are injecting 250iu hCG SC/SQ EOD, they then do T and anastrozole on an EOD basis to keep routine simplified. I personally inject c twice a week for my TRT. That’s my backup exit strategy anyway. Although science says twice a week is better so I stick close to that. Earlier this year I was on about 200mg of Test. I'm interested to see what others have to say about splitting. I read somewhere that dropping it to twice a week would help with E2 and or up and down feeling. He asked if I took an AI and I told him I took .5mg of arimidex twice a week. Is that a good dose? My trt is 20 weeks at this then a 4 week cleanse of clomid and hcg at same dose. May be a little tough but I’m sure it could be done. Typically you would be running test e or c at 500mg/week on cycle and pinning twice a week, say Monday and Thursday (times wont matter much) will help keep your blood levels more stable than if you did one injection of 500/wk. Weekly shots is best because you don't get peak and troughs. T Replacement. For me, I think it is better to pin twice per week to keep the blood levels more stable.
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