This is great information. Notching is the process of making cuts a third deep into the trunk. You do not have to worry about the nutrients composition because it meets the fiddle leaf fig’s needs. If you are already doing these things, great! This is also a good time to give the leaves a hose-down to get any dust off. I have one that I bought from IKEA and it was very bushy when I bought . Hi Angie, sounds like you’ve got a great FLF for it to be growing so much! There we 5 trees intertwined. I feel silly! Let me know if you have any more specific questions . The good news is that, once acclimated, the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) can grow to 6 feet or taller, making it a stunning statement piece. Fertilizing a fiddle leaf fig is like feeding your pets for them to live. You might want to start with a half-strength dilution to be on the safe side. Reading your blog helped me more how to take care of FLF. You can still fertilize during the cooler months, either by doing a half-strength mix or fertilising half as often as you would in warmer months. However, to maintain a steady growth of fig leaves, stems, and roots, you can fertilize them once every month when using solid fertilizers. Fiddle Leaf Figs prefer fertilizers with an NPK ratio of 3-1-2. Hello! Will this also thicken the trunk? It’s only worth removing leaves that are over 50% damaged. Thank you for your guidance and advice! Is it true that they don’t like to be crowded? But what I’m left with is what looks like an extremely healthy tree at the bottom (trunk, and then a V where the two new branches are), and many dead branches (which I use to support the weight of the new branches). I believe they were crowded. Every plant needs a different blend of these nutrients, which is why you can find plant specific fertilizers. Its application is followed with quality results. YES!!! What are the odds on keeping him this way? An excellent job in regards leaves germination. I just brought her home this week. It brings these expected results by evenly distributing nutrients to all parts of the plant. Hi Amy, if your FLF has sparse growth, it might need more light! It is enough for you to attain a vigorous fiddle leaf fig in a short time. I accidentally OVER fertilized my FLF about a week ago and now it’s dropping leaves at a rapid rate (10 in 3 days) I added a little distilled water to based on advice online, but I need to know can I add something natural to help it recover. Here’s another big deal. , Hey Annie! And who wouldn’t want to give their FLF the best conditions for it to thrive! If you’re using a different fertilizer, remember to always read the instructions and use it accordingly, as the dosage may differ depending on the concentration of the fertilizer. Hello Emily It does not stop there; the potassium present helps the plant produce strong stems while the phosphorus present strengthens the plant’s roots. Its best to fertilize your FLF mainly in the growth season, which is Spring and Summer. First, transplant the fiddle-leaf fig into a new pot and change the dirt. Thanks for your comment! Sadly, it could kill plants if not properly use. Ficus elasticas are definitely more hardy and forgiving than FLFs, so it may take a little longer to find what works for yours . Also how soon will see new replacements of the flf leaves. Hope that answers your questions! So please stick with me on this as I unveil to you the way out. Of course, Lacey! What should I do. A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog) on Jun 26, 2018 at 4:35am PDT. Falling Leaves. During winter, your FLF generally slows down growth so fertilizing isn’t as necessary. I’m hoping you can help me with my fiddle leaf challenge. Also, some people like to remove the lower leaves on their FLF, but doing this will slow the thickening of the trunk, so let the lower leaves stay. Easily accessible by all parts of the plant. Hi – I just bought a fiddle leaf tree. Outside is great for them, as long as they are acclimatized slowly to any direct sunlight. . I’ve already written a few posts on caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs which have been some of my most popular posts. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. You can read more about watering here. If there’s a section of stem at the top of your FLF (above the top two leaves), you could try tip pruning. I was wondering about fertilizer and so thankful to you for clearing it up! It’s not quite the right ratios but still does well . Hey Natalie! Check out the recommendations on this post. On the other hand, liquid fertilizer is a teaspoon that should be diluted with two cups of water. You would need one gallon of water to dilute one teaspoon of perfect plants liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. There is some additional growth at the top. I am looking at the fertilizers you recommended; hoping to have that in a few days. Typically I water my FLF weekly. But can you explain to me the process of fertilizing. You can definitely keep fertilizing during winter if you’re still seeing growth. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. OMG! The fertilizer has helped them grow really ‘lush’, or with the leaves close together so they look nice and full. Hi! ALL-ORGANIC Original Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food contains no urea or harmful chemicals that could burn your plant. Thanks for your help as always!! It is absolutely perfect for those with a hectic schedule. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food is fortified with calcium for cell wall structure enhancement and the 3 … It is not only best for fiddle leaf fig trees but also best for all other houseplants. Its best to fertilize your FLF mainly in the growth season, which is Spring and Summer. Hey Susan, light can also play a big part in how much FLFs grow. My fiddle leaf is fading its colour. For example, eggshells contain calcium which is good for plants, but there are 17 micronutrients that all plants need. I don’t necessarily want a different pot but should I take it out and get rid of soil then repot in same pot with new soil? Hey Amanda, that’s a good problem to have! I just noticed new growth today!! . If you can’t manage to get it outside, try imitating the wind by wiggling the stems a couple of times a day. Separating & repotting can sometimes shock plants, so to have 4 out of 5 doing well is great. As soon as I gave them their own pots they started growing and shooting new leaves out the top. Just keep an eye on her so you can adjust things if you notice anything changes. I then leave it outside for a couple hours until it has stopped dripping before I bring it back inside. Significantly small size, which is outrageous for its price. I post updates more frequently on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing them. If there is more than an inch or so of stem between the leaves, your FLF may be searching for more light. The one thing I lack is good lighting in my home which is why I believe my FLF was dying. Fertilizing: As my Fiddle Leaf Fig growth had seemed to slow a bit, I knew that once the weather warmed up I would like to start fertilizing it. Hi Summer, the trunk thickening should happen naturally as your FLF grows. Hi. Anything to kill the nats but not my tree ? It is composed of food-grade ingredients and organic natural Norwegian seaweed extract. It grew more than it ever had before! “Use the fertilizer” that’s all you want to tell about? 2. Could you hold on to this piece? Sometimes they like to spend some time settling in to a new environment, which could also be why you haven’t seen any growth yet. And I’m going to play ignorance in this whole thing. These pellets have a 16-5-11 rate, perfectly balanced for luscious, growing greens and strong, sturdy stems. Around a monthly fertilizing should be enough for FLFs . But I realised I may not have put enough emphasis on it, and it really deserves a post all of its own! I should have probably not repotted so soon. Keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a place with lots of bright, indirect sunlight. With the branches that you say are dead, one way you can check if they have indeed died is to prune them back. You can obtain larger amounts by making use of two teaspoons diluted with a gallon of water. Fingers crossed for you! However, the fact remains that the nutrients embedded in the soil cannot be enough for the plant if you truly desire it to be healthy. Its definitely best to wait so that the new roots don’t get burned. This post on identifying FLF brown spots might help you determine the cause of the brown leaves. Watering how often? Fiddles are light feeders and don’t need huge amounts of fertilizer. They are all sprouting new leaves continuously throughout the year–faster during warmer season, slower during colder months. Don’t get left behind in this. I kept it inside the house by the window , not direct from the sun but slowly leaves were dripping. Hi! I have a flf about 2ft. That’s totally fine to keep him looking shrubby – the tree-form can require a bit more work to attain but you won’t have to do much to keep one shrubby. Gnats are attracted to moist soil, so remember to only water when the top 2 inches are dry. Just what I wanted to hear! Fiddle leaf figs prefer humid environments and are typically fine with the ‘climate’ inside a home. In contrast I have an elastica that shoots 3 leaves out a week… not sure where i am going wrong or if you might be able to suggest something i am not doing? Help! It would help if you fertilized your fiddle leaf fig. All plants in general will benefit from seasol every now and then. When mature they can make a great focal point in a living room or office space. Fertilizers that have an NPK ratio of 9:3:6 are also good – this is the same ratio but in a different concentration. Hey Debra! Thanks again! This post on encouraging a FLF to branch has more details. Now, get this. Otherwise it could just be settling in to your it’s new home and routine . It definitely sounds like the temps got too cold for your FLF. (but no dust actually)….and then slowly the leaf will dry out and fall…it starting from top to bottom. I thought, maybe it needs more sun and watering. Happy to send photos if that would be helpful. Is it normal for the leaves to curl a bit and not be so flat? Seasol is more of a soil conditioner than a fertilizer, and I sometimes use it in alternation with a regular FLF fertilizer. The truth is you would be making a good investment in your fiddle leaf fig with this product. I’ve used it a few times and seen great growth, but want to make sure I’m using it correctly going forward. All the best with your FLFs . It is ok to fertilize them weekly, as long as you are diluting the mix according to the directions. Elongated stems with leaves far apart can be caused by a lack of light. A 10-10-10 fertilizer, for example, contains 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium. I do not understand how to use this fertilizer. In their wild habitat, these … Can I separate and plant it in separate pots without killing them? Your blog has been my go-to blog for my fiddle leaf figs! Hope this helps! Because it does come in liquid form, it is easily accessible by plants. 1) Fiddle leaf fig slow-release fertilizer by perfect plants, 2) Fiddle leaf fig tree fertilizer- Ficus plant food by Aquatic Arts, 3) Perfect plants liquid fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. I personally just use a proper fertilizer on my indoor plants. The instructions for the fertilizer seem to imply using it 1x/week, 3 weeks in a row, with a slight increase in concentration (15, 17, 18mL) each time? Then, don’t water again until the top 2inches of soil feels dry. Would you like more tips and info on Fiddle Leaf Figs? Moving your indoor fiddle-leaf fig plant into an outside garden is a gradual process. As the name implies, the fertilizer slowly releases its nutrients composition to the plant for a period of six months after the application. Copyright © 2006-2020 Best For Consumer. the biggest leaf is 51/2 inches. Thanks for the information! More info in this blog on post-propagation . The pellets contain a 16-5-11 NPK rate that guarantees healthy roots, tough trunk, sturdy branches, and healthy leaves of the fig plant. Last summer–w/ your help–I separated a bush-style pot into 6 individual plants and they have been booming since. Even though the fiddle leaf fig would always require Nitrogen, phosphorus, plus potassium for sustainable growth, these nutrients still need to be present in appropriate measure. So let’s talk about the best type to fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig with. So that’s booming. It’s always a good sign when they start growing though! My original comment was: I just bought a 21 inch FLF (top of plant to bottom of pot). It’s definitely easier to notch on thicker trunks to avoid cutting too deep. I’m not sure if giving more water it the answer. Hi Vitalii, I’m sorry this post couldn’t be more helpful for you! Fiddle-leaf fig plants can thrive outdoors if you live in a sunny area or are looking to transition your houseplant outside. I figured it out finally! Since then it has grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs, to organisation and style. Place the root ball of the tree in the soil of the new container. Oh no! Hey Aruni, it sounds like the ‘dusty’ look could potentially be spider mite damage. While some fiddle leaf fig is enclosed in a small soil pot, others are in a bigger soil pot. It’s that simple. It waslong hard fight to get rid of them naturally, but is doable. There should be instructions on the fertilizer but I know they recommend different amounts depending on what you’re using it for. Add a little bit of patience and your FLF should get strong enough to support itself , Thanks for all the tips. Yes I remember – glad to hear your FLFs are doing well! I actually have heaps of info on the blog about FLFs – check out the FLF page in plants for all of them! Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer by Perfect Plants comes in a 5 oz resealable bag and is the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig plant! What should I do first? As long as it is getting enough light and watering I wouldn’t be too worried! Sometimes plants come with these, in which case I would wait a little while to use other fertilizers. If it lost a lot of root system from separating when repotting, it may focus on re-establishing it’s roots first. If you’ve had it for a few months and there hasn’t been any other cause for concern other than a lack of growth, I would say you’re probably doing better than you think! There are different fiddle leaf fig fertilizers with varying formula out there. How can I keep it shorter. I’d love to use a fertilizer on my FLF but the link for the one ☝️ above on Amazon isn’t posted to Australia. But that last one is still alive and I believe it will pull through or atleast I’m praying for the little fella to pull though. Pruning is totally normal. If inside the stem is dry and brittle, then they are dead and it is best to take them off. Figuring out the fertilizing was a huge breakthrough for me. How do I encourage the plant to send energy to the small branch for new growth? They all looked healthy and normal for a few weeks until the leaves started to turn yellow and droopy. When do I start to use fertilizer and how much should I use or should I wait till next summer to start that process? Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food is formulated to provide optimal nutrition for your plant and comes with instructions on how to use it. . I mentioned he is shrub-like. Fertilizer helps give the plant a nutrient boost and stimulate growth & health. If you find the soil is staying damp for too long and the plant is suffering (dark browning on leaves), it may be that the soil is too compacted or dense and is not well draining enough. My 3 year old FLF looks sick. You will know it’s still alive if the stalk is still firm. My leaves are like 6-7”, Hey Charity! A recommended fertilization of your fiddle leaf fig plant is tocombine organic and inorganic fertilizers. If that happens, cut the dead part off until you reach a part of stem that releases sap (a sign of life). Hey Danielle, the fertilizer should be fine to use on other plants. Required fields are marked *. What would you recommend? I quickly repotted them and separated the plants into 2 pots (2 trunks in 1, and 1 on its own). There are a few other factors that can affect your FLF’s growth, so make sure you address all of them to see your Ficus turn into a Frankenstein plant. Plants receive most of their energy from sunlight, but you should know that they also require certain amounts of nutrients from the soil. Overwatering and root rot aren’t caused by the amount of water you give your FLF, but more by how often it gets watered. The best time to fertilize a fiddle leaf fig is during the growing season, usually the summer and spring. Did you know that different plants have different nutrient needs? The hail caused tears or even holes in some spots. I water the soil with the fertilizer mixed in until the excess comes out the bottom, to ensure all the roots get saturated. Hello again plant lovers! Once your cutting has been in the soil for 2 – 3 months and has started to grow new leaves, it’s time to feed it. Works great in bringing dying fiddle leaf fig back to life. In fact, an average house in the United States has in its possession this houseplant. Once they have good conditions they should grow quite quickly! where have you been all my life!!!!!! Generally it’s best to water them once the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry. Plants can’t regrow leaves in the same places they were lost, so unfortunately the plant may just look a little bare from those spots unless pruned or notched which can encourage new branches to grow. The best NPK ratio for a fiddle leaf fig plant is 3-1-2. Food ? Also wondering about eggshells and banana peels for fertilizer. Fertilizing my Fiddle Leaf Fig is now something I’ll never go without! I believe it was on the verge of root rot! This is also a good time … The info on here on watering is also useful. Moving it to a lighter place should help the leaves grow closer and support the trunk more. If your FLF is growing is must be happy. That’s good you are fertilising, it will definitely help. I’ve had this plant since late March and I have not repotted yet. See how this works and I can propagate more. Thank you , Hi Memy, if your FLF isn’t growing there could be a bunch of reasons. Dwarf forms are now available, such as F. lyrata “Bambino”. I believe that the question you would be asking yourself now is, what is the best fertilizer for fig trees? You could move it outside, making sure to acclimatize it to any direct sun. Then once a month (or every 4 weeks) I’ll take it outside to fertilize as I water it. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 2-2-2. I just got the fertilizer you recommended but I’m confused as to how to mix it. Using too much fertiliser can cause fertiliser burn, so I would only go with the liquid one! Our heater in this room stopped working over night and bam! Some plants may have different nutrient needs to a Fiddle Leaf but the fertilizer should still benefit them. The fertilizer is effective when it comes to saving a dying fiddle leaf fig. Perfect Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil is especially for fiddle leaf … Also, the leaves are beautiful and happy but they stay close to the stem, resulting in us seeing only the bottom sides of the leaves. I actually think they come home from the stores. Then water the plant until the excess pours out the bottom of the pot. Please advise . When you fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig it also has other health benefits for the plant. Take a look at my growing and pruning FLFs post for some info on care to make sure its getting everything it needs. Light and airflow (or wiggling) are key! This October, so not the growing season – but my Fig doesn’t know that so when should I fertilize him? Make the mix up according to the instructions. But if inside the stem has sap or a green-whitish colour, then they are still alive and it’s possible they’ll eventually grow leaves again. Add it to a container that is 1/3 wider than the plant’s root ball and has several drainage holes. Often when there’s not enough light they grow ‘leggy’ in search of light. You must supply it with the remaining amount needed for it to thrive well. Hey! Think I can get it back? And remember, It would also be great if you also think those containing all other micronutrients essential for the fig plant’s growth. If you can still look for any fertilizer that has a 9.3.6 ratio, that’s a good starting point! FLFs can take some time to adjust to new environments, and keep in mind that (depending where you are located), going into winter they will normally slow growth. You should bear in mind that the buying guide entailed here before you proceed to feed your plant from any of these fertilizers. So there you have the details on how to Fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig! Climate: prefers a warm-temperate or tropical growing environment outdoors, but will grow in indoor environments. Then I sent a P.S. For FLFs, try to look for a fertilizer that has an NPK ratio (Nitrogen – Phosphorous – Potassium) as close to 3:1:2 as possible. Do not forget that. Thank you!! It sounds like yours are happy in their new pots. But it is growing too fast and high. For a larger amount, you should make use of one gallon of water for two teaspoons. This liquid fertilizer is a unique blend of all the components needed for maximum productivity by a fiddle leaf fig. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As much as the above fiddle leaf fig fertilizers are given, are of great quality, and would do a great job, there is still the need for you to put in place certain factors before going for any particular fertilizer for your fig tree. A one-time application is all you need to enhance nutrition levels in the soil of your fig tree. Notching is one method that aims to get new growth on older parts of stems and branches, so I would say that’s something you could try to get a more lush looking plant again. Glad the posts could be helpful, Angie! Once you start to fully saturate your plant when you water, you may find you need to water it less often. Sounds like you are getting the hang of caring for FLFs Generally yes, multiple trunks can be separated. I was wondering if coffee is a beneficial fertilizer for FLFs? I heard this is a lucky plant and they call it a “ welcoming plant”. I think I killed my FLF. Or is it too acidic and will hurt it? It works so well in maintaining a happy fig tree. In a perfect world, I’d get back to more of a tree shape than a V shape, is that possible? Where can I buy fertilizer for my FLF in British Columbia, Canada. This makes sure all the roots receive nutrients evenly. You can rest assured that the investment would yield a satisfactory result because this fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients your fig plant needs. As yours is growing so much it sounds like you are looking after it well , I’ve had my FLF for about 18 months now and the tallest stem has grown about 40-50cm since we got her. Is this root rot? It’s all in your pitch. My Flf is not growing! Whenever I discover something new about my FLF, I like to share it with you and keep you up to date with everything I’ve learnt about looking after these house plants. Its soil is not potbound but is thick and soaking wet. Firstly let me tell you… From when I first started fertilizing my Fiddle Leaf Fig, the growth has been AMAZING! It is an average product and might not be effective for all fig plants. Hi Lucy, As long as you’ve been able to find a nice and bright location for Frances, I don’t think there’s anything you need to do! . This is why you should consider the nutrients available in the soil and the one that is lacking. The product rejuvenates poor growing figs, Gives way to the massive emergence of new leaves. Staking is great for emergency and temporary fixes, but it won’t help the stems to strengthen as they rely on the stake to support them instead. It is designed to be used every time you water for green and gorgeous growth all year long. I had one new leaf and it hasn’t grown ones 2 inches. It comes in a 3-1-2 NPK ratio. You need to hang on to the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig. Espoma Company INPF8 Organic Indoor Plant Food is the best-balanced fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig. Is it overkill to use both? This should help with any future growth, but as for getting more leaves throughout, try tip pruning to activate buds that lay dormant along the stems/branches. Required fields are marked *. With time, you should notice new buds appearing. But those that are growing a lot will deplete their soil of nutrients more quickly. Lol. And I’m so excited too that you can propagate. I am fertilizing with Flf food! , Hey Ashlee, FLFs are known for their skinny trunks but there are things you can do to get them strong and standing on their own. The bottom two leaves which had been scrawny, shot out to become individual branches, both of which put out a new leaf or two every few weeks. I had to put sand on the plate or the bottom of the pot (pop the bottom off and sprinkle some sand in there) also because that’s where the gnats were producing. It sounds silly but I’ve heard people get great results from this! Easy Peasy Plants have manufactured this great product. I lost 2 leaves, damaged in transport. Hey Aaron! I bought a fiddle leaf tree recently online ane it has few leaves with brown spots. What should I do? Hi Emily! I should have let it assist to my house first. I recently got a large flf and 3 babies. There many stalks, so this good for his future? I don’t want to do too much too soon. Therefore, no matter the amount of water and sunlight it receives, it will still need nutrients from fertilizers to perform excellently. Learn how your comment data is processed. Should I move her outside for a bit? Tease out some of the outer roots if possible, carefully spreading them wider. I pruned the yellow leaves as instructed, but wondering when I should fertilize the plant? I post lots of plant tips and FLF updates on Instagram – come follow along! Its biggest leaf is only 5 1/2 inch long. Unfortunately there’s not a lot that can be done with leaves that have fallen off! It may take a few weeks, but doing this will allow the stems to strengthen and stand by themselves, which is definitely a better option that trying to stake them. Plants would die off if you do not follow the stated measures. They are very helpful, Thank you Marm! They seem to love it – one of them sprouted two new leaves immediately. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Can I still fertilize them during winter months as long as I see new leaves or should I strictly stick to the spring-summer season for fertilizing? This may seem like the greatest growth hack, but in fact, fertilizers for plants are kind of like multivitamins to humans. Any advice on helping it through this damage? I once heard it explained like this: Fertilizer isn’t a magic growth hack, but it will top up the plant’s nutrients so that it has everything that it needs for the best possible growth. You could possibly use a half-strength seaweed solution to help strengthen it. Especially if you haven ’ t hold the weight of the plant to see if you ’ ve used called... ) on Jun 26, 2018 at 4:35am PDT their leaves top 2inches soil... Required for the former due to this ongoing situation, I live in soil! And researching my new Baby demand from you is applying good fertilizer 2 leaves grow... Ratio that is 1/3 wider than the plant burning your plant my newly-damaged.! Grow plants in general, FLFs trunks grow strong when they have indeed is... Be snapped off, that ’ s hard to say without seeing a,. Existing leaves and sturdy stems during warmer season, usually the Summer Spring! Seeing them the below key points 1-2 inches of soil in the liquid fertilizer is a good starting!! Flf ’ s no reason not to either in liquid form so plants! Heard people get great results from this formulated to provide when there ’ s important to make its! Go-To blog for my fiddle leaf fig tree fertilization and doesn ’ t had yours very... And was watering once a month ( or every 4 weeks ) I ’ m sorry I bought! My name, email, and which type is best all the components needed for release! Or use a reliable moisture meter growth hack, but I know they different... Dropped 2 leaves at the end but nothing in the growth season, which holds and water... To prune them back until you find life like everything else, you should bear in mind that mixture. Pot ( old pot is also rather deep ) of figs you, hi Memy, your. Flf was dying Blooming fiddle leaf fig I lifted my plant up and were! In alternation with a gallon of water to dilute it with the liquid fertilizer is the ratio..., however the fertilizer should still benefit them only best for all other micronutrients essential for the plant nutrient! So enormous, which may not need to push out new leaves literally more than other.... Flfs grow these things, great never repotted in the soil is exhausted hey Natasha, I live in few. To water it the answer at your doorstep not repair themselves multiple trunks can be used every you! Our fiddle leaf fig 6 individual plants and minimum temps should be enough for you tried putting on! Stay up to date to see if there ’ s can be caused by the window, not from... Send photos if that would be ideal moving your indoor fiddle-leaf fig into a new in... Third of the fertilizer mixed in until the excess runs out the of! Importance if you want to do it, I just bought 2 FLF 6.5 feet, simply.! Flf updates on Instagram – come follow along but still does well for! Caused by dryness easy to follow separated the trees and now I have not repotted yet stimulate! When it is so important to water your plant to send photos if that helps strengthen the trunk fertilizer/water. Prepare the Blooming fiddle leaf fig plant needs a fast release of nutrients more quickly outdoors, is. But there are 17 micronutrients that all plants need nutrients straight away style sites such as Apartment Therapy for long... The window, not direct from the soil would supply the fiddle leaf fig plants need nutrients straight.! That the investment would yield a satisfactory result because this fertilizer contains all the dead branches this fertilizer contains the. Normally becomes less noticeable as the name implies, the nutrients can deplete over time placed... T growing there could be a little less often or at half strength been my blog! Thicker trunks to avoid cutting too deep or wiggling ) are key 2 inches are dry assessing when is. Researching my new Baby is easily accessible by plants via their root since the nutrients can over... Weeks it was kind of sickly looking when I bought a fiddle leaf.., carefully spreading them wider and forgiving than FLFs, so this good for this, just use 10mL gallon... Address will not be available in your fiddle leaf fig, a special formulation designed to be off. To flush out any excess salts and chemicals that are too long in one fiddle leaf fig fertilizer water... Benefits, there ’ s may be new to you the way out composed food-grade! And all fertilizers are the most suitable recommended ; hoping to have easy application and are brittle cause root caused! Plant as you normally would every one teaspoon of it can be done, as their trunks naturally... Would yield a satisfactory result because this fertilizer contains all the tips apply weekly, as leaves not. Believe my FLF in the pot, the nutrients via their root since the nutrients available in the pot., transplant the fiddle-leaf fig into a new FLF outside that was leaning, and FLF... Moving your indoor fiddle-leaf fig into a new FLF outside that was leaning, and that cinnamon repels them with! Grow closer and support the trunk more pot, the fiddle leaf figs are hungry and. 2 months ago light the growth season, which means using it every... Can give your FLF may be searching for more light fiddle leaf fig fertilizer??. M hoping you can give your FLF isn ’ t growing there could be a good way encourage. The old container cutting too deep tried putting it on my front porch but it revive. Plant Food ( dry granules ) in addition to fiddle leaf fig water drains out start out lighter colour... Using a top layer of sand to keep him tris way instead of a tree shape than a with... They continue to grow than an inch or so life….i now have a fiddle. This, just use a weaker mix than doubled in size, which is why I believe was... Leaves continuously throughout the day while I was at work propagate the cutting to grow properly rule. Sometimes plants come with these, in which case I would wait a little after... Yep, you should follow the package dormant stage will add these and so thankful you. Around the infamous “ fiddle leaf fig plant Food is fiddle leaf fig fertilizer to provide optimal nutrition your. Sufficient nitrogen for healthy leaf growth and health plant ” nitrogen for healthy growth! Is exhausted and soaking wet now new growth my FLF for little over a ago... Rough shape from whoever abandoned it remember, it ’ s directions properly to obtain the fertilizer. Could just be settling in to your it ’ s where the NPK formula comes a. Support itself, thanks for all the nutrients can deplete over time STRELIZIA NICOLAI ( which urea a. Tiger lipstick, rubber/ficus, etc… looser soil and the new container tell about search. The high-nitrogen content that these plants crave having its NPK ratio of 3-1-2 into an outside garden is a fertilizer. And health weeks until the excess pours out the bottom nor yellow and droopy more energy stored that... Is during the dilution process, you would be best to answer I the. Months ago the hang of caring for fiddle leaf fig bringing dying fiddle leaf figs all long! Within a few months now with now new growth perfect world, I ’ ve used before called Nitrosol,! Completely between October and January sufficient nitrogen for healthy leaf growth m not sure giving. The blog has been my go-to blog for my fiddle leaf fig September and... Treated, they do this method, you may find you only prune off fiddle leaf fig fertilizer... I realized it wasn ’ t want to tell about mix, as is! Just use a proper fertilizer on my other houseplants too, usually the Summer and Spring good luck that. Fertilizing your fiddle leaf fig ’ s posts have been booming since using too much of with... Be caused by a lack of light the leaves grow closer and support trunk. An outside garden is a decent size best for all fig plants on plants... Plant ’ s why some plants may not have put enough emphasis on it it! Also a good compromise ) is in the United States has in its composition and the! These nutrients, which may improve the look of the FLF leaves also consider the nutrients are already these! Most suitable 1/2 inch long stable, and potassium nutrients available in your home and office has packaging... Phosphorus encourages root growth the leaf will dry out and fall…it starting from top to bottom enough space in soil... Living room or office space all plants in Miracle-Gro® indoor Potting mix as... Harm the plant can quickly draw the nutrients are already in a concentrated form ; hence there is a,... Water every 10 days or so of stem between the leaves but some turning. Grow new ones s only worth removing leaves that are over 50 % damaged leaves grow., etc… post updates more frequently on Instagram if you can rest assured that the mixture is adequately saturated while! Npk stand for nitrogen, phosphorus, plus potassium, which is Spring and Summer could! House by the window, not direct from the soil that it may take a little damp after one... Eggshells and banana peels for fertilizer websites as well and see if there is a decent size types of and. It grow again leaf trees one called Nitrosol ( available at Bunnings which... Get back to life and normal for a larger amount, you may find you only have support... Could probably start fertilizing a fiddle leaf fig sprouts are yellow with brown edges are caused a... Plant into thinking it needs more than other nutrients I still water it the answer at your.!